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European Bank for Induced pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC)

The European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) is a centralised, not-for-profit iPSC bank providing researchers across academia and industry with access to scalable, cost-efficient and consistent, high quality tools for new medicines development.

In the initial phase (2014-2017), EBiSC has been designed to address the increasing demand for quality-controlled, disease-relevant, research-grade iPSC lines, data and cell services.

EBiSC launched a second project phase starting at March 2019 to become a self-sustainable central iPSC hub pooling EU resources to structure the iPSC landscape in terms of quality, consistency, available data, standards and licensing agreements.

What EBiSC2 offers iPSC-related projects:

  • Support in legal and ethical aspects
  • Advice on iPSC generation and handling
  • Make your iPSC lines sustainable via a deposit in the EBiSC catalogue

Available EBiSC2 services upon demand:

  • QC panel testing according to established EBiSC guidelines
  • Cell line commissioning (iPSC generation, differentiation and gene-editing)
  • Backup your iPSC lines in the ISO-certified, monitored EBiSC bank
  • Pre-defined disease-specific cell panels for screening purposes

...while ensuring clear IP rights and visibility of your project.


Sep 10t, 2020 - EBiSC2 at one glance

An EBiSC2 infographic is now published, summarizing at one glance the implications and benefits of deposition, the ethical and legal governance sourcing EBiSC lines and how iPSC lines can be deposited into and purchased from EBiSC. Read more

Apr 14th, 2020 - ISSCR 2020 Virtual

The EBiSC team is looking forward to meeting-up and discussing with the stem cell community at the virtual ISSCR 2020! Read more

Feb 17th, 2020 - Press release

A new cohort of iPSC lines available from EBiSC will accelerate research into Huntington’s disease. Read more

Oct 9th, 2019 - Meet The EBiSC2 Team!

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