EBiSC Service: iPSC Gene Editing

Generate iPSCs with the genotype of your choice, qualified to industry standards.

EBiSC’s experienced scientists can support you in the modification and generation of isogenic iPSC lines for specific research purposes. Just choose your required final genotype and your starting iPSC line and we can do the rest including advising on genetic modification, iPSC line selection and QC, as required. Previous modifications performed by EBiSC include:

  • Insertion/ correction of SNPs
  • Generation of reporter lines
  • Transgene induction
  • Alteration of expanded repeat sequences
Modified iPSCs will be qualified to ensure integrity of the genetic change and stability of the resultant line, in addition to EBiSC’s standard iPSC quality control screening. Additional benefits may be available if the resulting iPSC line(s) can be deposited into the EBiSC catalogue for broad distribution.

Requests are completely customisable to meet your unique needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements with the EBiSC team and receive a quote.