EBiSC Service: iPSC Quality Control Testing

Characterise and qualify your iPSC lines at industry standards

EBiSC has extensive experience in the standardisation, recovery, expansion, cryopreservation and qualification of iPSC lines from diverse sources. iPSC line banks can be generated according to your exact needs with automation allowing rapid scale up to high volume banks (e.g. >200 vials per batch) or quality control can be solely performed on provided lines. Our core banking facilities have aligned with industry standards to offer a quality control testing panel in line with best practice recognised by multiple international bodies. All data, including genetic data, can be shared directly to you to accelerate your research goals and EBiSC can support you in depositing your quality control data into the human Pluripotent Stem Cell registry (hPSCreg), ensuring your iPSCs are publication ready. Core EBiSC quality control screening includes:

  • Cell line identity
  • Expression of gold-standard hPSC and self-renewal markers
  • Viability
  • Chromosomal health
  • Microbiology (Every batch is screened for bacteria, fungi, Mycoplasma and selected human viral pathogens)
  • Trilineage differentiation
Finally, any additional qualification such as whole genome sequencing or specific differentiation assays can be added as required.

Requests are completely customisable to meet your unique needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements with the EBiSC team and receive a quote.