EBiSC Service: iPSC Banking

Generate cell line stocks at industry standard

EBiSC has extensive experience in the standardization, recovery, expansion, cryopreservation and qualification of iPSC lines from diverse sources. iPSC line banks can be generated according to your exact needs with automation, allowing rapid scale up to high volume banks (e.g. > 200 vials per batch). Quality control is carried out as described here. iPSC Banking includes:

  • antibiotic and feeder-free culture
  • standardised cryopreservation at your desired cell concentration
  • tailored cryopreservation format including cryovials and cryobags
  • consistent performance across the entirety of a batch

Requests are completely customisable to meet your unique needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements with the EBiSC team and receive a quote.