Managed access datasets

In addition to the physical iPSC line(s) and the public data accessible via the EBiSC catalogue, some lines have additional datasets such as genetic or clinical data associated with them. Because these data are classed as ‘personal data’ by the GDPR, the EBiSC Data Access Committee is responsible for governing access to these data to allow bona fide researchers to re-use Personal Data associated with EBiSC lines for research purposes.

How do I know what data is available for my selected EBiSC iPSC line?

Datasets will be explicitly stated and/or linked to on specific iPSC line catalogue pages. IPSC lines which have specific data available can be identified using the filter functionality on the main catalogue search page.

How do I request access to managed access data?

Please note that the EBiSC DAC may perform checks (at two year intervals) on data users to ensure that the data is used as per the terms of the Data Access Agreement.