EBiSC Service: iPSC Differentiation

Generate custom panels of iPSC-derived cells differentiated to your specific endpoint

Bringing together the expertise of EBiSC partners and collaborators, EBiSC provides iPSCs pre-differentiated to a cell type of your choice, using automative approaches to generate iPSC derived cells at a scale to meet your needs. Cells can be generated either using EBiSC protocols (e.g. hepatic, neural and cardiac differentiation, amongst others) or your own protocol can be supplied and adopted by the EBiSC team. Differentiation requests are completely customisable and can be adapted according to required:

  • iPSC line(s)
  • Differentiated cell type
  • Maturation stage
  • Cell number
  • Cryopreservation format (e.g. cryovials vs cryobags for bulk applications)
Derived cells will be fully characterised and qualified prior to delivery, with data made available to you as end user.

Requests are completely customisable to meet your unique needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements with the EBiSC team and receive a quote.

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