EBiSC Service: Back-up iPSC Liquid N2 storage

Safeguard your iPSC line stocks with secure, off-site, back-up storage

EBiSC recognises the time, energy and financial resources required to generate and characterise high quality iPSC lines, and the risk which power cuts, technical failures or environmental disaster such as flooding can bring to cell line stocks. To support researchers, EBiSC provides back-up iPSC storage within its secure, liquid N2 cryostorage facilities:

  • Cryogenic storage tanks provide secure, long-term, deep temperature storage.
  • Samples will be stored in a dedicated cryostorage location.
  • Dedicated barcode based database system securely records location, source and identity of your samples.
  • Closed cool chain protects your samples throughout receipt, sample inspection, sorting and sample integration.

Requests are completely customisable to meet your unique needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements with the EBiSC team and receive a quote.