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16423 ApoE KO

Gene-edited iPSC line

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Cell Line

hPSCreg name BIONi037-A-1
Alternative name(s)
16423 ApoE KO
Cell line type Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)
Similar lines No similar lines found.
Notes This line is part of a set of isogenic APOE lines based on the iPS cell line BIONi037-A. The set comprises the following APOE genotypes: • BIONi037-A-1 (APOE KO) • BIONi037-A-2 (APOE 2/2) • BIONi037-A (APOE 3/3) • BIONi037-A-3 (APOE 3/4) • BIONi037-A-4 (APOE 4/4) A DNA SNP array revealed no larger chromosomal aberrations to be reported. Other isogenic ApoE cell line cohorts are also available, generated from BIONi010-C, UKBi011-A and STBci006-A.


Depositor Bioneer (BION)
Owner Bioneer (BION)
Derivation country Denmark

External Databases

hPSCreg BIONi037-A-1
BioSamples SAMEA104026332
Cellosaurus CVCL_RF91
Wikidata Q54796877

General Information

This EBiSC line can be used for:
Research use: allowed
Clinical use: no
Commercial use: no
Subclone of

Donor Information#

General Donor Information

Sex female
Ethnicity Caucasian

Phenotype and Disease related information (Donor)

Diseases No disease was diagnosed.

Other Genotyping (Donor)

Is there genome-wide genotyping or functional data available?
Sanger sequencing
The donor of this line carries the ApoE3/E3 allele.

Donor Relations

Other cell lines of this donor

External Databases (Donor)

BioSamples SAMEA104026331

hIPSC Derivation#


The source cell information can be found in the parental cell line BIONi037-A.

Reprogramming method

Vector type Non-integrating
Vector Episomal
Is reprogramming vector detectable?
Methods used
Notes on reprogramming vector detection refer to BIONi037-A
Files and images showing reprogramming vector expressed or silenced

Vector free reprogramming

Type of used vector free reprogramming factor(s)


Derived under xeno-free conditions
Derived under GMP?
Available as clinical grade?

Culture Conditions#

The following are the depositor culture conditions, they do not refer to any specific batch.
Surface coating Matrigel/Geltrex
Feeder cells
Passage method Enzyme-free cell dissociation
Medium Essential 8™
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at passage previously with this cell line?
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at cryo previously with this cell line?
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at thaw previously with this cell line?


Analysis of Undifferentiated Cells

Microbiology / Virus Screening

HIV 1 Negative
HIV 2 Negative
Hepatitis B Negative
Hepatitis C Negative
Mycoplasma Negative


Karyotyping (Cell Line)

Has the cell line karyotype been analysed?
46, XX
Karyotyping method: G-Banding

Other Genotyping (Cell Line)

Genetic Modification#

Disease/phenotype related modifications
  • AD
  • Alzheimer dementia
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Alzheimer's dementia
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Alzheimers dementia
  • Alzheimers disease
  • presenile and senile dementia
  • Alzheimer disease, familial
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Genetic modifications
APOE (target)
Gene knock-out
The ApoE gene is knocked out in this line; deletion of the ApoE gene by insertion of a frame shift in exon 1. The target locus has been mutated.
CRISPR-associated (CRISPR/Cas) System