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Neusentis (‘new science therapeutics’) is a research unit of Pfizer. Being the only UK based research unit of Pfizer Inc, its personnel are well placed to assist in the organization’s engagement in European externally funded collaborative research programs. The therapeutic area foci of Neusentis are pain and sensory disorders and the research unit has specialism in human iPSC technology as applied in disease modelling, drug target validation and precision medicine. Pfizer has a rich pedigree of successful participation in IMI funded projects, being a leader/partner in 24 past and presently funded projects. 

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Tim Allsopp (PhD, Head of External Research Regenerative Medicine and EBiSC project co-ordinator) – He was previously CSO of a stem cell SME and has worked as a stem cell subject matter specialist for the last 15 years.  He is advisory group member the Commercialization Committee of the ISCT,  co-chair of the industry committee of the ISSCR and recently been elected industry representative of the ISSCR Executive. He holds a Programme Associate position at the Cambridge university MBE course in biotechnology.

Alex Gutteridge (PhD) – Research Fellow bioinformatics in Neusentis. Alex has a strong track record in fields relating to genomics, stem cell biology, bioinformatics and drug target analysis and works closely with cell & molecular biology team performing analysis on RNAseq, expression profiling data. Alex has been instrumental in the development of a number of software algorithms for information management and supports a large number of portfolio projects in Neusentis. 

James Eshelby (head of Pfizer’s EU R&D Business Development group) – is based at Neusentis, in Cambridge UK. James is responsible for a team that evaluates and negotiates new alliances and manages a portfolio of active license and collaboration deals with biotechs, universities and other corporations. James has a strong track record in leading business development activities for several disciplines in Pfizer, including the project agreements for a number if IMI projects and for implementing open innovation and creative deals structures.

Anja Nitzsche – has set up the iPSC platform in Neusentis. Her further work involves differentiation of patient derived iPSCs to functional sensory neurons and their molecular characterisation aimed to explore mechanisms to better understand the drug response of patients with a genetic linkage to pain & other sensory neuron diseases. Anja has a background in molecular cell biology and an extensive track record with embryonic stem cells.

Laura Kammonen (Senior Associate Scientist) – is involved in pluripotent cell culture and differentiation at Neusentis. She is assessing the use of automation in pluripotent cell culture for EBiSC.

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