Since 1987, ARTTIC provides consultancy and hands-on management services to international R&D partnerships, with main focus on European programmes, covering the complete life cycle of a project, from the first idea to business planning. With offices in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Israel and a total staff of about 60 persons, ARTTIC has set-up and managed over 250 R&D collaborative projects and networks, amongst which 30 projects in the health sector.

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Annette Ringwald (Senior Consultant) – Since having joined ARTTIC in 2001 during the EU's 5th Framework Programme, Annette has successfully set up and managed numerous projects and networks in the field of Life Sciences / Health.

Beate Kreisel-Ferru (Project Manager) – Since 2006, Beate provides operational management support to EU projects. She also provides her expertise on financial, contractual and strategic questions. She has worked for several projects under the 6th and 7th Framework Programme to ensure a fruitful day-to-day management. 

Cindy Steinmetz (Project Manager Junior) – Cindy has joined the ARTTIC team in 2013 to support the administrative, financial and contractual execution of projects. She holds a master degree in European studies and specialized in the management of R&D projects.

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