How iPSC lines are purchased from EBiSC

To order a cell line please go to the EBiSC online catalogue and search for the cell line you need. Click the “Purchase cell line” button in the EBiSC catalogue and you will be taken to the relevant cell line page on the ECACC website. Alternatively you can go directly to the ECACC website and search.

Add the cell line to the shopping basket to begin the ordering process.

It is important to note that:

  • You need to register with ECACC to place an online order. You can register now or you will be presented with registration instructions when you select your cell line.
  • You will need to complete an EBiSC Access and Use Agreement (EAUA) before your cell line will be dispatched. An EAUA form can be downloaded from our website - you will be prompted.
  • You can download other useful documents from the product page such as subculture protocols, material safety data sheets, handling information and photographs. Look for the “Product Images” box and “Product Documents” box on any cell line page (e.g. RBi001-A).
  • Certificates of analysis are available to download once you have received the cell line and know the lot number.
  • Cell lines will be dispatched within 5 business days of receiving your signed EAUA.

Contact us

If you have any questions or cannot find the lines you need please contact the technical support call line and email address.

Technical enquiries or support

General enquiries about your order

ECACC also has a comprehensive guide on how to order cell lines.