University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM) was established in 2001 as the Institute of Human Genetics and is one of seven Newcastle University research institutes within the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Newcastle Biomedicine.  It encompasses a total of over 150 staff and postgraduate students who, together with almost 150 Northern Genetics Service NHS staff, occupy purpose-built accommodation within the International Centre for Life.

In addition to the IGM, the International Centre for Life comprises the Life Science Visitor Attraction plus a BioScience centre that also accommodates the Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life.

Major University investment has underpinned the rapid recent expansion of the IGM research portfolio, which is focussed on delivering high-quality outputs of major biological and clinical significance.

The Institute was renamed in 2011 to reflect the increased emphasis on world-leading translational research carried out within seven research themes spanning clinical medicine. Our mission statement is:

To harness genetic, developmental and cell biology to understand and treat human disease by developing and implementing new therapies.

The location of IGM provides an exciting research environment and state-of-the art facilities. Thanks in part to major awards from organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, the IGM's laboratories are extremely well equipped for molecular genetic, cell biology and developmental biology research, including a major programme on stem cell biology.

Our work contributes to the consistent success of subjects such as medicine, dentistry and life sciences in the UK and international league tables.

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Dr. Majlinda Lako – is Prof. of Stem Cell Sciences at Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine. She leads a large research group with expertise in human ESC and iPSC derivation and characterisation and is the main author of 91 peer reviewed publications in stem cell biology and human genetics.

Dr. Lyle Armstrong – is Reader in Cellular Reprogramming at Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine. He leads a large research group with expertise in cellular reprogramming and is the main contributing author of 47 peer reviewed articles in stem cell biology and epigenetics.

Nuno Alcada – is Research technician in Lako/Armstrong research group. He is directly involved in the expansion of human iSPC that will be deposited in the European Stem Cell Bank as part of the EbiSC project.

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