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UCL's Department of Biochemical Engineering is the largest international academic centre for bioprocess R&D and training. There are over 100 researchers within the department, with a total grant income of more than £30M (approx. €37.5M). There are three main research programs, consisting of cell therapy bioprocessing, innovative manufacturing research and biocatalysis. The cell therapy bioprocessing group works with more than 20 industrial and clinical collaborators, pioneering translational R&D and addressing scale up challenges.

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Chris Mason (MD, PhD) – is internationally recognized to be at the forefront of the emerging field of cell therapy translation and commercialization. He has a background in commerce, a Clinical Sciences Degree (Imperial College), a Medical Degree (St. Thomas’s Hospital), a PhD in tissue engineering (UCL), Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and Fellow of the Society of Biology. Chris is Professor of Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing at UCL, as well as acting as Chair of the BIA Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine Industry Group, Senior Editor of Regenerative Medicine journal, Director of the London Regenerative Medicine Network, Trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation, a member of the Biologicals and Vaccines Expert Advisory Group of the Commission on Human Medicines, and a member of the United States Pharmacopeia Monographs - Biologics & Biotechnology Expert Committee. Chris is on a number of national and international committees, working groups and initiatives related to the academic, clinical and commercial advancement of cell-based therapies and tissue engineering. In May 2012, he became the first President of the Regenerative Medicine Coalition.

Emily Culme-Seymour (PhD) – has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry (University of Edinburgh), an MSc in Chemical Research (University College London), and a PhD in Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering (University College London), looking at engineering growth substrates for embryonic stem cell bioprocessing. Emily is a Director of the LRMN and Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL, working on a number of UK and EU consortium projects looking at cell therapy technologies and business modelling. She also acts as an advisor to the internationally-acknowledged life sciences law firm, Lawford Davies Denoon (London, UK), and sits on the International Society for Cell Therapy’s (ISCT) Executive Committee as Global Treasurer.

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