Roslin Cell Sciences

Roslin Cell Sciences is committed to the production of high quality induced pluripotent stem cells for use in drug discovery. Induced pluripotent stem cell technology provides a platform to enable drug discovery research to be accelerated and more targeted. Utilising human cell lines from patients with different disease related genetic backgrounds provides the opportunity to evaluate drug efficacy and ultimately leading to approaches to personalised medicine. We offer a complete cell-based contract research service for iPSC production. We have the capacity to generate and handle large numbers of cell lines for use in fundamental research and drug development. To find out more please visit

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Aidan Courtney – is Roslin Cells’s CEO and co-founder and a member of the EBiSC Consortium Board.

Dr Paul de Sousa – is a faculty member at Edinburgh University’s MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine as well as Rosin Cells’s CSO.

Dr Jason King – is the EBiSC Coordinator liaising with the consortium’s 8 European iPSC derivation centres and EFPIA partners. 

Kevin Bruce – is Roslin Cells’s Head of Development Operations and on the EBiSC project is responsible for operations logistics and quality management.

Dr Elisabeth Wachter – is the EBiSC lead scientist at Roslin Cells managing the receipt, tracking and processing of cells within Roslin Cells.

Paul Williams – is Roslin Cells’s Finance Directorand closely involved in the development of new facilities at Babraham.

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