European Molecular Biology Laboratory (European Bioinformatics Institute)

The European Bioinformatics Institute is part of EMBL, Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences. EMBL-EBI provides freely available data from life science experiments covering the full spectrum of molecular biology. While EMBl-EBI is best known for its provision of bioinformatics services, about 20% of the institute is devoted to basic research. The extensive training programme at EMBL-EBI helps researchers in academia and industry to make the most of the incredible amount of data being produced every day in life science experiments.

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Helen Parkinson (Team Leader) – leads the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies team at EMBL-EBI. 

This team focuses on meta data integration, ontology development and supporting tooling, development and delivery of content for the EBI's BioSample database and delivery of mouse data for the biomedical research community.

Laura Clarke (Project Leader) – joined EMBL-EBI in 2008, and leads the Resequencing Informatics team of the Vertebrate Genomics group. Resequencing Informatics provides data management, primary analysis and data distribution services for large sequencing consortia like the 1000 Genomes Project, Blueprint and HipSci.

Ian Streeter (Scientific Programmer) – works in the Resequencing Informatics team of  the Vertebrate Genomics group at EMBL-EBI.  He joined the team in 2011 and has worked on data analysis and data coordination for several collaborative genomics projects.

Tony Burdett (Bioinformatician) – joined EMBL-EBI in 2005, and he is the technical coordinator of the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies Team.  He is the technical lead for the Biosamples database and oversees the team's various ontology-driven tooling projects, including OLS and Zooma, to support biomedical data integration.

Adam Faulconbridge (Bioinformatician) – is a bioinformatician in the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies Team at EMBL-EBI.  He works on the BioSamples database, EMBL-EBI's principle database for storing descriptive information of biological samples.

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