Douglas Connect GmbH (working communities)

Douglas Connect manages collaborative projects to achieve goals in scientific research, infrastructure development or service provision. Effective collaboration requires many elements including coordination, culture, communications, common understanding, decision-making and interoperability.

Our field of work involves developing groundbreaking solutions through research, knowledge management, community development and international collaboration. Our goal is to incubate an increasing number of high impact products, services and startup companies at the forefront of innovation combined with sustainability and responsibility.

Key staff involved in EBiSC

Dr Barry Hardy (managing director) – Community development coordinator (click here for more information on Barry Hardy)

Maja Brajnik (Software developer) – Information Management System developer (click here for more information on Maja Brajnik)

Joahim Dokler (Software Developer) – Information Management System developer (click here for more information on Joahim Dokler)

Spela P. Hardy (Operations and Communications Manager) – Content management, eCommerce, project administration (click here for more information on Spela Hardy)

Pavel Kraus (Business development manager) – Knowledge management solutions (click here for more information on Pavel Kraus)

Rok Predan (Project manager) – Scrum master (click here for more information on Rok Predan)

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