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"Rapid establishment of the European Bank for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) - the Hot Start experience" (Stem Cell Research, March 2017) "Hot Start to European Pluripotent Stem Cell Banking" (Trends in Biotechnology, July 2017, Vol. 37 / No. 7) "Stem cell bio bank could lead to new drugs" (EBiSC as one of the EC Success Story, September 2017) EBiSC brochure presenting the EBiSC bank and iPSC catalogue (October 2017, prepared by ECACC) EBiSC mentioned in an article in NATURE (June 2016): "M. Scudellari: A decade of iPS cells" (p. 312) EBiSC related publication in Stem Cell Research (04/01/2019): "Generation of a set of isogenic, gene-edited iPSC lines homozygous for all main APOE variants and an APOE knock-out line"

EBiSC Project Reports - Executive Summaries

Period 4 (January - December 2017) - Final Report Period 3 (January - December 2016) Period 2 (January - December 2015) Period 1 (January - December 2014)

Press Releases

2019, March: Press release to announce EBiSC2 launch 2016, March: Press release to announce EBiSC launch of new European Stem Cell Bank (English version) 2014, February: Press release to announce EBiSC project start (English version) 2014, February: Press release to announce EBiSC project start (German version)

Information for Potential Users (also available at

EBiSC Questionnaire (Please send the completed file to: ebisc at EBiSC Protocol for the Use of iPSC Lines (v3, 2019) Information on the EBiSC Cell Processing Quality control of EBiSC Cell Lines EBiSC Catalogue User Guide ( Aug. 2016) FAQs - Potential Users might have

Information for Potential Depositors (also available at

EBiSC Guidance for Depositors At a glance: Benefits for Cell Line Depositors Depositor Initial Application Form (v2) EBiSC Depositor Flyer Cell Line Registration in hPSCreg - Quick Start User Guide (14 June 2016) FAQs - Potential Depositors might have

Other documentation

EBiSC Project Overview (PPT) EBiSC Poster Book 2016 EBiSC Flyer 2016