About the EBiSC Catalogue

The EBiSC Catalogue is a collection of human iPS cells available to academic and commercial researchers for use in disease modelling and other forms of preclinical research.

Cell lines in the EBiSC catalogue have been made and deposited by EBiSC partner labs and a number of external research organisations including non-profit and commercial organisations. Cell lines include iPSCs derived from individuals with diagnosed diseases and apparently healthy controls, and genetically modified isogenic sub-clones. EBiSC iPSCs are derived from both biologically male and female donors, spanning ages 0-89 years and covering more than 45 different diseases including neurodegenerative, neurological, cardiac, liver, eye, blood, kidney and skeletomuscular disorders. EBiSC continues to welcome new iPSC line cohorts representing novel diseases, genotypes or tools for use by the iPSC research community.

The EBiSC catalogue is closely linked with the human Pluripotent Stem Cell registry (link) and EBiSC strives to share as much cell line data as possible, whilst adhering to GDPR and protecting the rights of sample donors. Non-identifiable data is shared as open access via the EBiSC catalogue and ‘personal data’ as defined by GDPR is shared as managed access via the EBiSC Data Access Committee.

If you cannot find the lines you need, need support with ordering or would like to discuss how you can share lines to be included in the EBiSC catalogue, get in touch.

Smart cryo tube with memory chip © Fraunhofer IBMT, Photo: Bernd Müller