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Gene-edited iPSC line

Not-for-profit fee: £1700 per vial
Not released.
The cell line is not released.
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Cell Line

hPSCreg name BIHi005-A-86
Cell line type Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)
Similar lines No similar lines found.


Depositor Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)
Owner Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)
Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)

External Databases

hPSCreg BIHi005-A-86

General Information

This EBiSC line can be used for:
Research use: allowed
Clinical use: no
Commercial use: no
Subclone of (not in EBiSC, see BIHi005-A in hPSCreg)

hIPSC Derivation#


More source cell information can be found in the parental cell line BIHi005-A in hPSCreg.